Summary of 2020 records as at 10/8/2020

Max.temperature 32.2°C on the 31st of July & 8th of August

Min. temperature -2.8°C on the 21st of January

Highest daily min. temperature 17.0°C on  the 10th of August

Lowest daily max. temperature 5.6°C on the 28th of January

Max. wind gust 55 mph on the 9th of February

Max. daily rainfall 77.6 mm on the 18th of June*

Max. monthly rainfall 172.2 mm in February

Min. monthly rainfall 22.2 mm in May

Year's rainfall total to date 688.0 mm

*Wettest day since records began

Summary of 2019 records

Max. temperature 33.4°C on the 23rd of July

Min. temperature -6.2°C on the 3rd of February

Highest daily min. temperature 18.1°C on the 24th of July

Lowest daily max. temperature 1.9°C on the the 1st of February

Max. wind gust 50 mph on the 15th of March

Max. snowfall 15 cm for 24 hour period to 14:00 1st of February

Max. daily rainfall  37.4 mm on the 16th of August

Max. monthly rainfall 159.0 mm in December

Min. monthly rainfall 28.2 mm in January

Year's rainfall total 1213.2 mm*

*Wettest year since records began in 2009



Summary of records since 2009


Max. temperature 33.6°C on the 21st of June 2017*

Min. temperature  -10.1°C on the 7th of January 2010

Highest daily min.temperature 18.3°C on the 3rd of July 2009

Lowest daily max. temperature -2.4°C on the 25th of December 2010

Highest annual mean temperature 11.7°C in 2014

Max. wind gust 58 mph on the 12th of October 2018

Max.daily rainfall 77.6 mm on the18th of June 2020

Max. monthly rainfall 231.9 mm in January 2014

Min. monthly rainfall 7.0 mm in April 2017

Max. annual rainfall 1213.2 mm in 2019 

Min. annual rainfall 666.7 mm in 2011


The coldest month was December 2010 with an overall mean temperature of 0.7°C*


The warmest month was July 2018 with an overall mean temperature of 20.2°C*


*Since accurate daytime temperatures were first recorded on the 17th of July 2010